Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eloquent Fence

A  L  O  H  A !
" Why grab possessions like thieves,
 or divide them like socialists 
when you can ignore them 
like wise men? "
Natalie Clifford Barney

Crown, Pandas, Jewels. Who is TS?
The story of Hawaii
is composed of many
Stories, and chapters
 of Arrival.

In the mists of mythos
before the time of men
the little people,
the Menehune came.
Industrious, and one with nature,
they improved the isles
with fishponds [for aquaculture]
Walls, and terraces.

Some say they hide
in the hills to this day,
claiming even to 
have seen them!

The first human Hawaiians,
Polynesian voyagers
in sailing canoes,
lived an idyllic eden
that ended to some extent
with the second wave of 
Polynesian migration
bringing the KAPU [taboo]
system, and strict castes,
including wise [and fearsome]
holy men, and warriors.

Kamehameha of the Big Island
conquered all the main islands
[except Kauai, treaty]
in the years after 
western contact,
and built a strong nation
to weather colonial times.

 plantation workers from
China, Japan, Puerto Rico,
the Azores,
American business men,
plantations. . . . 
Ultimately wrested it all away
from Hawaiian sovereignty.

During the 70's & 80's
Japan was ascendant
and made it's mark
on Hawaii real estate.

it appears to be
the Chinese
buying mansions in Kahala
and waving the Panda
[with a crown, and emerald,
and a T S wreathed]

Don't you want to know
the story?
Who lives behind this fence?
[or more likely visits from time to time]
Where did they get their $$$$$$?

We'll never know them,
because they are behind
a gate.
Not a friendly, come on in
and set a spell
ranch fence.

That one looks electrified!

And then there's the 
language barrier.

{Teresa Translator,
when will you be here
for a visit?}

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Thank YOU
for coming right in!
                   Fondly, cloudia


eileeninmd said...

Good Morning, Cloudia, great gate and photo. They must prefer to be locked up and alone..Do the Chinese own most of Hawaii now? Have a happy Thursday!

Friko said...

That’s much the same everywhere. The global rich take the best of what is on offer, squirrel away national jewels which are never to be seen or shared again, ignore the law (or tax system) of the usurped country and hide themselves away from prying eyes.

They are entitled! Or so they believe.

Hawaii is one of those countries with a colourful history, full of secrets and stories to tell by the light of the moon. I would love to be as fortunate as you.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

That's the thing about history... it's fascinating! What is that gate all about I wonder :)

eViL pOp TaRt said...

A wise commentary about things! The fence and gate have the effect of imprisonment, as well as keeping others out. And there's so much joy on the outside!

Birdman said...

I remember sitting in my kitchen and hearing on the radio that it had become a State. It was and is so far away from us here in the East.

Karen S. said...

Where have all the friendlies gone, even in our own neighborhoods? I do want to know what's behind that gate, I'm always curious by nature, and you have such an eloquent way of spinning a story for us all! More, more, please. You know if I were not in this frozen tundra I'd join you on the hunt! Do tell.

TexWisGirl said...

quite an impressive crest! fancy fence and gate! thanks, cloudia!

Teresa said...

Hey Cloudia! I am visiting your blog right now. Love the first quote and the great panda seal on the fence.

No trips to Hawaii in the offing... All the academic conferences seem to be set in California or in cold and snowy climes this year.

I'm not sure a visit would help you solve this conundrum, though. My translation skills do not include disarming and breaching electric fences! For that you'd need the Navy SEALS.

William Kendall said...

That is quite a gate. It does pretty much say, "keep out, we have Dobermans and we're not afraid to use them."

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I am SHOCKED by these photos, Cloudia!


Margaret Adamson said...

Impressive fence/gate and crest.

LOLfromPasa said...

You've got me thinking that things have changed there since my time in the 70's.

Knipsa Passtscho said...

Wonderful sun coming through the gate ;)
Thank you! :D
Have a nice day

Cloudia said...

Thanks Friends! The Chinese don't seem to have bought a conspicuous amount of Hawaii. . . .

You can click on the cover of my book to enjoy an almost free trip here, and for more of the back story of our history. Thanks! [$4 Kindle edition - contact me for a signed copy @ $15]

Elephant's Child said...

I am always curious about what is shut behind fences. And why.

Ida said...

Well that is a fancy fence/crest. You could see oranges behind the fence.

RedPat said...

Not a welcoming gate!

Glennis said...

Rather ornate gate that probably is electrified. Got to keep us ordinary folk, who dont live behind such a gate, out.

Karen Schurr said...

It certainly is impressive. The owners seem to think pretty highly of their fence, too.

Felicia said...

they have a lovely gate.

Cloudia said...

Oranges! Thanks for your companionable comments. ☁

Brian Miller said...

i am not a big fan of fences...they keep people out...but also seem to trap people in....

aloha from va

Kay said...

We were at a get together in Kailua a couple of weeks ago at a home just half a mile away from where Obama stays for his vacations. It's another world. It's how the other half lives. Love your Hawaiian history, Cloudia.