Sunday, July 17, 2016

Be Such

A  L  O  H  A !
"Know the true value of time; 
snatch, seize, and enjoy 
every moment of it. . . 
never put off till 
tomorrow what you 
can do today."
                                       Lord Chesterfield 

" Learn what you 
are and be such."

"Beautiful light is
 born of darkness, so 
the faith that springs from 
conflict is often the 
strongest and the best."
                                      R. Turnbull

                        '_) (_`   

Thank YOU
for Your Visit!
                     Warmly, cloudia


Elephant's Child said...

Just beautiful. Thank you.

EriKa Napoletano said...

Aloha from Italy!

Betty Manousos said...

yet another inspirational post my friend.
big hugs! xoxo

Filip Demuinck said...

Like the herron.


Cloudia said...

Thanks very much, Friends!

PerthDailyPhoto said...

There are some things that I put off until tomorrow Cloudia, like housework.. but not anything serious 😃😃

Charles Gramlich said...

Always interesting and thought provoking quotes

Giga said...

Beautiful rose, but the most I like to quote the first shot. Regards.

William Kendall said...

The red of that flower is stunning.

Teresa said...

Amazing pictures today, as usual!

Cloudia said...

I love your comments!

RedPat said...

I tend to put off and then worry about - should change that! ;-))

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

I think I identify with the heron, amongst the other birds! You are an amazing sister! aloha

Mike said...

I live by the motto 'Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow'. Wait.... did I read that wrong?