Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Seeing Saving

A  L  O  H  A !
"As you go 
the way of life you 
will see a great chasm. 
Jump. It is not as 
wide as you think."
      Native American Proverb

'Ribbon Cutting'  Novato CA
 “There is one thing the 
photograph must contain, the
humanity of the moment.”
                  Robert Frank

'Dawn' Marin CA
“In photography there is 
a reality so subtle that
it becomes more real 
than reality.”
                  Alfred Stieglitz

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Thank YOU
           Fondly,  cloudia


ANITA said...

Hello and goodmorning charming Cloudia:)))

Very good quotes and love the pic!

Have a happily day!


Elephant's Child said...

Love the reality of your photos.

biebkriebels said...

That is a big instrument for a ribbon cutting!

Sandi said...

""As you go
the way of life you
will see a great chasm.
Jump. It is not as
wide as you think."
Native American Proverb"

This is inspiring!

Cloudia said...

What blessings to see you, my friends! Thanks

Giga said...

Beautiful is the last photo and a quote after it. I salute and hug.

Adam said...

good quotes

Lea said...

Great 'Dawn' photo!
Have a wonderful day!

William Kendall said...

That dawn is breathtaking.

Karen S. said...

Aloha Cloudia, sweet quotes and love the ribbon cutting photo!

Mike said...

Who knew ribbons could be so tough to cut?

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

Photography, at its best, forces us to see reality more clearly and appreciate it.

Martin Kloess said...

Nice photos to within

Teresa said...

That picture of the dawn is so amazing!

Cloudia said...

Thanks SO much dears!!!!