Friday, June 9, 2017

Every Hour A Picture

 A  L  O  H  A !
Coastal Fog Cresting Marin Hills
“To the attentive eye, each 
moment of the year has 
its own beauty, and in 
the same field, it beholds, 
every hour, a picture which 
was never seen before, 
and which shall never 
be seen again”
  Ralph Waldo Emerson

"All real education
is the architecture 
of the soul."
      William Bennett

“I’m the best. 
My prices are firm. 
If you’re looking for a 
bargain, hire someone else. 
Plenty of people will accept 
what you’re offering. But 
remember, you get 
what you pay for.” 
           Dear Abby


Thank YOU
                 Fondly, cloudia


Mike said...

Being a retired telephone man, I love poles and wires and towers.

Elephant's Child said...

Love the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. And agree with it, about 2000000 per cent.

eileeninmd said...

Good morning, great quote and images. I love the white and blue sky in the second shot. Happy Friday, enjoy your day and weekend!

Nancy Chan said...

Lovely mountain view and nice blue sky in the 2nd photo. Have a good weekend!

ANITA said...

Beautiful poems and picture Cloudia:))))

Adam said...

I thought she wrote to people for free. Was Ann Landers nicer?

Sandi said...

Wisdom in that last one!

William Kendall said...

The Nativity church structure is quite eye catching!

Grand Crapaud said...

Two terrific photos today, Cloudia!

Cloudia said...

That was advice she gave a questioner

Cloudia said...

Thanks Friends 🎈

RedPat said...

Abby knew! ;-)

Martin Kloess said...

Wonders are all around for those who have eyes to see

Teresa said...

I love the way you matched the quotes and pictures :)

Cloudia said...

Aw thanks much <3 guyz