Sunday, April 8, 2018

Voyager Be

A  L  O  H  A !
"If I knew what the photograph 
was going to look like, 
I wouldn't bother taking it. 
It's the voyage of discovery 
that fascinates me."
               Lois Greenfield

Hawaiian Voyaging Canoes like this
have navigated around the globe!

"What was most significant 
about the lunar voyage 
was not that men set foot 
on the moon but that they 
set eye on the earth."
                 Norman Cousins

"Happy the man who, like Ulysses,
 has made a fine voyage, or 
has won the Golden Fleece, 
and then returns, experienced 
and knowledgeable, to spend 
the rest of his life 
among his family."
           Joachim du Bellay

Read more about
traditional Polynesian
Navigation and Voyaging
at this Link

Today's photos were taken at
Ke`ehi  Lagoon on Oahu

Hokule`a is the happy star the
first Hawaiians followed to Hawaii,
and also the name of the first
modern Hawaiian Voyaging canoe
which has circumnavigated the globe!


Elephant's Child said...

Love that voyaging canoe. It must have taken courage, skill and ingenuity to sail those incredible distances.

Lynn said...

Happy Star - love that.

Adam said...

nice quotes

Mike said...

Have the polynesians discovered GPS?

Teresa said...

This post is breathtakingly beautiful!!

Caro G said...

I would love a short sailing trip even around the harbour in a voyaging canoe. They look powerfully built. Love the quotes

Cloudia said...

The Navigators way find by the stars, currents, animal life, skies!

Thanks Friends <3

William Kendall said...

The voyaging canoe is quite a pleasant sight, and looks seaworthy.

Elvis Wearing a Bra on His Head said...

That is a really nice song.

RedPat said...

We could all use a happy star!
I went by the Elmocambo today - still a ton of work to do!

Cloudia said...

Your comments make me happy. Glad we are on this voyage together!