Monday, July 9, 2018

It's In The Subconscious

A  L  O  H  A !
“When you see a good person, 
think of becoming like her.
When you see someone 
not so good, reflect on 
your own weak points.” 

"I do more painting 
when I'm not painting. 
It's in the subconscious."
           Andrew Wyeth 

“Who in the world am I? 
Ah, that's the great puzzle.” 
         Lewis Carroll

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             Warmly, cloudia


Nancy Chan said...

I like the first quote! Have a wonderful new week!

Elephant's Child said...

Marvellous murals. And thoughts.

biebkriebels said...

A funny mural, seems to be an image of a comic.

Adam said...

I liked the mural

Cloudia said...

Thank you my friends <3

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Brilliant mural Cloudia, beautifully executed!

Sami said...

Nice mural Cloudia, thanks for contributing.

William Kendall said...

Bad inner ear balance, perhaps?

The bird's quite a sight to see.

Teresa said...

Love the mural! Great quotes today, too.

Mike said...

“Who in the world am I?"

I hope the answer to that question isn't, "WTF!"

Sandi said...

"Why can't my boyfriend surf?"

Has a more important question ever been asked?

RedPat said...

Fabulous pics and quotes today, Cloudia! And a cute Pixie too!

kwarkito said...

It's a roy lichtenstein's imitation. But a nice mural

Pat Tillett said...

Very nice photos! Love the mural...

jorjorbeth said...

i like so much...Thanks for sharing the good information!