Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Your Lane

A   L   O   H   A !

Yesterday is not 

ours to recover, but 

tomorrow is ours 

to win or lose. 

       Lyndon B. Johnson

A single rose 

can be my garden; 

a single friend, 

my world.

 Leo Buscaglia

When you're in your lane, 

there's no traffic.

     Ava DuVernay

“There! There it is again! 

What language is that?"

From the bed, Roarke shifted. 

"I believe it's known as rooster."

          J.D. Robb

You are only young once,

but you can be

immature forever.

Hannah Marks

Love You!
                    Pixie & cloudia

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Mike said...

Is that a marble in Pixies eye?

Elephant's Child said...

Immature is fine. I hope. I have no plans to grow up anyway.

magiceye said...

Lovely captures!

RedPat said...

Peter Pan had the right idea! ;-)

Michelle said...

I know lots of immature adults! lol


Cada reflexión, tiene una buena imagen para contemplar.

Me quedo con la primera y la última imagen.

Saludos desde España

William Kendall said...

Quite a rooster.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Proof of the last quote is sitting in the White House 😉 Pixie gets more adorable by the day 💛

Cloudia said...

Marble? Don't see it, Mike.
Love each of you!!!