Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Healing Moments

 A  L  O  H  A  From Honolulu!

Be patient where you 

sit in the dark. The 

dawn is coming.


May we have communion 

with God in the 

secret of our hearts, and 

find Him to be to us 

as a little sanctuary.

Charles Spurgeon

We carry inside us 

the wonders we seek 

outside us. 


 "Fairy Wand" 

Mangoes & Breadfruit: SPRING

A face is like the 

outside of a house, and 

most faces, like most houses, 

give us an idea of what 

we can expect to find inside.

Loretta Young

Don't fall 

before you're pushed. 

English Proverb


Love You,
             Cloudia & Pixie


Elephant's Child said...

The dark has a charm all of its own. The dawn comes soon enough.

Cloudia said...

So true. Hawaii nights are luminous 🌙

William Kendall said...

A dazzling sky.

RedPat said...

Staying on my feet here! I hadn't thought of Loretta Young in years.

Teresa said...

I love the shot of the fairy wand and the last shot of Pixie in the process of waking up. Is that a tree house in the final shot of the post?

Cloudia said...

No. Just a ground house. Each of you is so appreciated here. Aloha

Mike said...

Nighttime is the right time.

Caro G said...

Each of the photos and quotes is like a treasure I find and savor.

21 Wits said...

Aloha Cloudia and Pixie, Rumi, a Fairy Wand and Pixie are sweet blessings!