Sunday, January 29, 2023

Crescendo Of Happenstance

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Love one another
like one of you just
got out of prison
after 20 years.

The difference between
ethics and religion is like the
difference between water and tea...
We can live without tea,
but not without water.
Likewise we are born
without religion, but not without
the fundamental need
for compassion.
     Dalai lama

The belief that there is
some future moment
more worth our presence
than the one we're in right now
is why we miss our lives.
  Cory Muscara

Become the person
your younger self would
want to look up to.
 Goitsemang Mvula

Your thoughts
are investments.
What are you
investing in?

Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie

Linking To
Monday Murals 

Note Her FOX Mask!


Elephant's Child said...

The Dalai Lama is right. Again.

Cloudia said...

Lovely to see you dear

Mike said...

Nice double rainbow. Have you ever seen a triple? They are supposed to be exceedingly rare.

eileeninmd said...

Love the rainbow and the beautiful palm trees.
I am nothing like my younger self.
Have a great day and happy new week!

Jenn Jilks said...

These are all thoughtful.
And lovely images. I am ready for February, though. Then spring!

RedPat said...

Love those palm trees and the words. Thanks, Cloudia.

William Kendall said...

The doggies noticed you.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

I like all of your positive messages, Cloudia. Aloha!

roentare said...

Love this Japanese mural art on curtain of some kind?

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Loved the Dalai Lama quote and the one by Mvula. I loved the mural and the noodles. Yes, I noticed the fox mask.

Teresa said...

A fox fairy eating udon! Pixie is hoping for a fox fairy visit!!!

Cloudia said...

Triple rainbows are super rare but I think I've seen one or two in 30 years. The udon poster was fun. Wasn't it with the noodles? Glad you all enjoyed seeing it. Thanks everybody!

Iris Flavia said...

Wise words all over, thank you. And the fox :-)

Sami said...

Nice photos and quotes. The noodles mural is super cute. I wonder why the girl has one red eye? Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cloudia.

s.c said...

The Dalai Lame quote is fantastic as it that shot above from the palm trees against the blue sky. Good post again and the mural is also a lovely one.

Mae Travels said...

Coincidence: my search this week was also for noodle art! I love the noodle art that you found, and especially the fox mask.

best... mae at