Friday, March 24, 2023

Step Along The Way

A L O H A From Honolulu!
The only lasting beauty is
the beauty of the heart.
Tiny Rainbow (R)

Every crowd has
a silver lining. P.T. Barnum

One of the most tragic things
I know about human nature is that
all of us tend to put off living.
We are all dreaming of some
magical rose garden
over the horizon
instead of enjoying the
roses that are
blooming outside our
windows today.
Dale Carnegie

Coffee with a Cardinal:

When you realize how perfect
everything is you will tilt
your head back and
laugh at the sky Buddha

Brazilian Cardinal:

 I have just one day,
 today, and I'm
going to be happy 
in it.
Groucho Marx 


Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie



Elephant's Child said...

Rumi's sayings never fail to lift me up...

Teresa said...

It took a while, but I saw the tiny rainbow dancing in the sky. Pixie is looking at you throwing your head back and laughing. She's wondering if her mama has become a maniac, maniac, maniac from all that dancing with the tiny rainbows.

Mike said...

The Del Vikings, they are a blast from the past.

eileeninmd said...

Love the flowers and quotes!
Pixie is always looking cute!
Take care, have a happy weekend!

William Kendall said...

Pixie looks regal today.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Love your theme today and that music video too. You always find words that speak to me.

RedPat said...

Pixie agrees with Groucho Marx.

Cloudia said...

Thanks Dear Friends!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Gorgeous sky in that first photo!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Both Rumi and Dale Carnegie were spot on today. Pixie always looks spot on!

21 Wits said...

Buddha and Rumi help me through the winter blues, and of course you do too because not only do you radiate sunshine from within your share your land of sunshine that feels our hearts and soul. Aloha!

21 Wits said...

As a side note I've been binge watching NCIS Hawaii can you tell I'm longing for spring? Aloha Cloudia and Pixie too.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love your tiny rainbow.