Sunday, September 24, 2023

Minute By Minute You Win It

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Opportunities to find
deeper powers within ourselves
come when life
seems most challenging.
Joseph Campbell

When you inspire happiness
You begin to live in it too.
Minute by minute you win it.
Just part of being your best!

 3 Anti-Aging Tips I Use:
Enjoy, Adapt, or
merely Laugh!

Be kind to others,
even if they are stuck
in unkindness.

Let no feeling
of discouragement
prey upon you, and
in the end you are
sure to succeed.
Abraham Lincoln 

Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia

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magiceye said...

Aloha! Namaste 🙏

Elephant's Child said...

I love the mural, and laughter is an excellent medecine - and antidote.

William Kendall said...

Pixie appears a bit cross- as if her nap was interrupted.

roentare said...

That mural is supercute!

s.c said...

Good start of the week again. Thanks.

eileeninmd said...

A lovely series, beautiful sky and trees. Sweet Pixie photo.
Love the cute mural too. Happy Sunday, have a wonderful week!

RedPat said...

Your words always speak to me as I imagine myself on one of your beaches, Cloudia.

Cloudia said...

What a pleasant crop of comments! Each of you makes a difference. Thanks so much for sharing of yourself with me and pixie who, Yes, often does look cross,but has a heart of gold. Aloha!

Teresa said...

Pixie is contemplating how she will get catnip and tuna snacks to ensure her continued happiness. Lovely post today. That mural is fantastic.

Mae Travels said...

I was enjoying the music, but making a comment caused it to cut off. Nice images today.
best, mae at

Martha Jane Orlando said...

I love your aging tips! Blessings!

Mike said...

OK Abraham, I'll keep plugging away.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Great anti-aging tips and a super clever mural. A real cutie.

Anvilcloud said...

Here's to living minute by minute

Iris Flavia said...

Always be kind.
Some come out of their sadness and give back the biggest and surprised smile, I learned :-)
Some even do not know they look (and feel) unhappy!
You should see the pile of old Shellac records we have here, you would love it. Nice tune. And mural!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful series of pics.
Amazing mural. Have a nice week ahead.

Sami said...

Very sweet mural, I wonder if it's painted by Alex Face? We have a similar one here in Perth. Love your anti-aging tips.
Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cloudia.

Marja said...

Love all the wisdom and the beautiful photos Great mural as well