Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Right Click Wonders: Tabs

A  L  O  H  A !
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" Do I contradict myself? 
Very well, then, 
I contradict myself.
 I am large. 
I contain multitudes. "

Walt Whitman

" Things turn out best 
for the people
 who make the best 
of the way things turn out. "

John Wooden

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" Commonsense 
and good nature 
will do a lot 
to make the pilgrimage of life 
too difficult. "

William Somerset Maugham

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" Bear in mind
 that you should 
conduct yourself in life
 as at a feast. "


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Now some tips about tabs.  
How many do YOU have open right now?

 If you hit the "Cntrl" key 
(bottom left corner of your keyboard)
and the letter "T"    
a new tab will open!

Accidentally closed the wrong tab in your browser? Want it back?

Just hit "CTRL"  and the "SHIFT "  and  "T"  to instantly re-open that tab!

 If you repeat that action,  it’ll open the tab you closed before that, and so on.

You can also just right-click on another tab and use the “Reopen closed tab” option!

This should work in all three major browsers — Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

To get answers to your tech questions visit 
HTG:  How To Geek

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the walking man said...

" Do I contradict myself?
Very well, then,
I contradict myself.
I am large.
I contain multitudes. "

That is why Whitman is yet a premier event in poetry.

Naw in FF I will just hit the + box next to the open tab. Keyboard shortcuts only seem so in the saying of them to me.

DeniseinVA said...

Thanks for the great tip. Love the photos and quotes as always :) have a great day Cloudia.

TexWisGirl said...

i keep 3 tabs open most of the time (email, my blog and google reader). when i load a blog, that opens a 4th so i can comment.

loved the 2nd quote.

Adam said...

have a great Tuesday

Hilary said...

Ha fun stuff. I have six tab open and tried it on one of them. On a Mac, it's COMMAND, shift, T. :)

Brian Miller said...

nice...that wooten quote is it today...and only 5 tabs right now...those are some handy short cuts though...

Myrna R. said...

I love Walt Whitman. Thanks for the tabs tips. Reading your blog always gives me a happy moment.

Teresa said...

Love today's quotes and the floating fruit. (Look Ma, no strings!!) Thanks for your moment of geek, too.

foongpc said...

Love that quote by John Wooden : )

Cloudia said...

Thanks jolly pals!


I know someone who could really use these quotes today, thank you again. You find lovely gems.

Betty Manousos said...

fab wisdom to live by everyday.
i am smiling right now.

a big alohaaa!!!

ayala said...

We forget that life is a feast :) great quotes :) great pics!

Karen S. said...

Ha! Ha! One of my favorite things to do (especially since my children left home) is follow geeks around! They are so wise! Enjoy your day and your floating fun fruit! I'm going to go now and talk to my fruit basket and demand some floating, or other tricks! :)

Daryl said...


Rachel said...

Thanks for tabs tip. I tried it. I need it!

LOLfromPasa said...

Another great tip! Thanks. Big bonus after such neat quotes and photos :).

Kaya said...

I read quotes and I looked at photographs! I think I would have some day more wisdom than I have right now. And that is because of you.

I love very much the picture of sky and the red leaf.

And every picture is very artistic.

Anonymous said...

As I try to remain as small as possible.
Please have you all a good Wednesday.

Cloudia said...

bless you my dear friends. Thank YOU each

The Elephant's Child said...

A beautiful post AND some very useful handy hints. Mega thanks.