Friday, October 16, 2020

Changed By

 A   L   O   H   A  !

Sometimes when you 

lose your way in the fog, 

you end up in a beautiful place! 

Don’t be afraid of getting lost!

Mehmet Murat ildan

The world is changed 

by your example, 

- not 

by your opinion.

Paulo Coelho

Look for people who 

have lots of great questions. 

Smart people are the ones who

ask the most 

thoughtful questions, 

as opposed to thinking 

they have all the answers. 

Great questions are a much 

better indicator of future success 

than great answers.

Ray Dalio


Love You,

                        Pixie & Cloudia


Mike said...

Just one question. When does having a lot of questions go from being smart to being a nuisance?

Elephant's Child said...

Actions do indeed speak louder than words - and that works both ways.
Thank you to you and to Pixie.

Cloudia said...

GOOD questions! Thanks my dears

Cloudia said...

To you and Jazz, Sis

Teresa said...

Pixie sees that chicken and asks the all-important question: "What in the world is THAT creature?" Love the pictures of flowers and the sky.

Jim said...

Spectacular. Like a fire in the sky.

RedPat said...

Lovely images today!

Kay G. said...

Lovely photos! Aloha!

rupam sarma said...

Amazing skies, beautiful flowers. Cute Pixie :) Happy Weekend.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Sometimes getting a little lost is a good thing, and it leads to interesting discoveries. I just try not to get completely lost! It's a fine line.

Billy Blue Eyes said...

Very nice

William Kendall said...

Pixie would like a word with that rooster.

Kay said...

Oooooh.... I love your flower photos. They are so gorgeous! And yes! We have to keep asking questions. Have a wonderful weekend, Cloudia.

Lady Fi said...

Gorgeous and vibrant!