Sunday, May 26, 2024

Dive Depths Deep

A L O H A From Honolulu!
You have to be in the world
to understand what the
spiritual is about, and
you have to be spiritual
in order to truly be able
to accept what the
world is about.
    Mary Oliver

Dive, on mermaid
Your spirit take flight,
From the depths of your being
emit your own light.

The beauty and meaning
you search every day
Reside in your essence
a radiant, boundless ray.

Deceptively deep, this heart we hold,
A universe of stories untold.
With every beat a truth unfolds,
Timeless tide of all sweet souls.
       Cloudia Charters

When the night is cloudy,
there is still a light that shines
on me, shine on till
tomorrow, let it be.
Lennon & McCartney 
The Beatles

Looking for peace is like
looking for a turtle with a mustache:
You won't be able to find it. But
when your heart is ready,
peace will come looking for you.
   Ajahn Chah 

"Peep pEEp"

Originality is. . .
a by-product of sincerity. Marianne Moore

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Elephant's Child said...

Let it be indeed.
Love the mural and your hopeful take on it.

Cloudia said...

Thanks Pal 😊

Andrew said...

I love the pagoda and temple photo with dappled shade.

roentare said...

That shine pic is looking so cultural

Cloudia said...

Thanks friends

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful words and photos!
A great mural!
Take care, enjoy your day and have a happy new week!

s.c said...

As always enjoying to see your blog.

Tom said...

...good to see an Eskimo Candy truck again. Have a super weekend.

Sandi said...

"You have to be in the world
to understand what the
spiritual is about, and
you have to be spiritual
in order to truly be able
to accept what the
world is about.
Mary Olive"


Also, peep pEEp indeed. 🙂

magiceye said...

Stunning captures my friend! Namaste 🙏

Sharon said...

That mural on the truck is amazing.

Anvilcloud said...

Wow! to that mermaid ruck.

Barbara Rogers said...

If I saw a truck with a mermaid on it, I'd certainly follow it till I got a photo as good as yours. Must wonder what company, and products it represents.

Cloudia said...

Jolly Friends 🌠 love these comments! Thank you

Mae Travels said...

You can never get too much of the Beatles!

Teresa said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom on song, quotes, and poems. I love the shots of the Shinto temple with Torii gate, of the mermaid swimming on the truck, and of Pixie and the peeping ducklings. This post has been a wonderful start to my day.

DeniseinVA said...

That’s a beautiful Mermaid! But each photo has so much beauty and these quotes help me to realize what is truly important in life. Love ya Cloudia and Pixie!

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Once again, Cloudia, your words and photos here made my heart sing. Blessings!

RedPat said...

Wonderful words and images today dear Cloudia! ;-)

Mike said...

The guy driving the mermaid truck looks like he was painted into the picture.

Jim said...

Beautiful mural.

William Kendall said...

Pixie sees little quackers.

Iris Flavia said...

Beautiful mural, song and quotes.

Katerinas Blog said...

The truck with the mermaid,
very beautiful picture.
I loved your poem Claudia,
especially: you look for beauty and meaning in every day!
Have a beautiful new week!

Sami said...

Beautiful mermaid and quotes.
Thanks for participating in Monday Murals Cloudia.

rupam sarma said...

Amazing mural of mermaid, Great clicks.
Loved the post. Have a nice week ahead.

GreenComotion said...

"Let It Be" was a good show. The mermaid painting/mural is really lovely. Thank you for sharing with all of us. Be well!