Friday, June 14, 2024

Friend 0f All Times

A L O H A From Honolulu!

I'm making friends
with all times of day
 Morning noon night.
That's all okay. 

Spicy bright morning
 anxiety in the afternoon.
Will soon change to sunset
 I'll eat it up with a spoon...

...When I was young
everything was clear 
except the mystery
of myself.

Cocktail of confidence
with a slug of self-doubt 
I hazarded attempts 
And figured most of it out...

...Senior years have their fears 
But graced with graces too 
I am friendly with every
time of the day.
So little left with
which to play. 
          Cloudia Charters 

Leucospermum catherine
Catherine-wheel pincushion,
wheel flower in English
and waterluisie in Afrikaans

The great person, 
in the midst of the crowd,
keeps with perfect sweetness
the independence of solitude.
            Ralph Waldo Emerson

When the truth 
comes around, all 
the lies have to 
run and hide.
          Ice Cube


Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie



Teresa said...

Marvelous post today. I love your poem and the adorable Pixie. That sign at the end is priceless!

Jim said...

Incredible sky.

Elephant's Child said...

I hope to play till my end. And the signs are good.

roentare said...

Jesus has two dads but does he really turn out fine? lol

Tom said...

...I LOVE the sign!!!

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful sky, pretty flowers and a lovely poem!
Take care, have a wonderful weekend.

Martha Jane Orlando said...

Beautiful photos and words as always, Cloudia. Blessings!

Anvilcloud said...

Nice post. Carry on.

Kathy G said...

Once again, a great mixture of photos and inspirational words.

Bill said...

What a fabuloua sign, love it!

RedPat said...

Love your poem and the sign, Cloudia. ;-)

Barbara Rogers said...

Super, enjoyable post. Loved the capture of two women, one of whom didn't look at all eager to be photographed, but perhaps that was just a chance expression. We never know when that might happen. Lovely Pixie!

rupam sarma said...

Beautiful words, Loved the sign, Amazing sky, Pixie looks cute :)

William Kendall said...

Something had Pixies' attention.

John A Hill said...

Making friends with all times of day is easier than making friends with all kinds of people. I just enjoy living in the moment.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful the way the clouds have trapped the golden light in the first photo!

Cloudia said...

What a fantastic party We have thrown for each other here in these comments today! Seriously, this is just fabulous and I enjoy reading and rereading your comments so very much. Sometimes to pixie!

Annie said...

Such a beautiful post this week. Gorgeous flowers and such lovely words.
Annie x

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I love your sky colors!!

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I am SO very sorry about last Friday. I truly intended to visit sooner, but I was in so much pain, the only thing I did was use the toilet and sleep. It kept the pain at a minimum when I slept.

I love all the photos and Pixie with her great quote. I especially loved that Jesus had two fathers and turned out fine.